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Star Trek: Voyager: Full Circle
by Kirsten Beyer (Mar 2009)
Year: Sep 2378 Jun 2381 - Goodreads Rating: 4.07 (1,286)
B'Elanna Torres and her daughter, Miral, are missing in the wake of a brutal attack on the Klingon world of Boreth. Voyager's crew must unravel an ancient mystery as Voyager is drawn into a desperate struggle to prevent the annihilation of the Federation.
Sep 2378 Jun 2381
4.07 (1,286)
Star Trek: Voyager: Unworthy
by Kirsten Beyer (Sep 2009)
Year: May 2381 - Goodreads Rating: 4.08 (1,124)
The Starship Voyager leads a fleet into the Delta quadrant to find out if the Borg are truly gone. Afsarah Eden, the new captain of Voyager, is charged with getting answers, to reach out to possible allies and resolve old enmities in the Delta quadrant.
May 2381
4.08 (1,124)
Star Trek: Voyager: Children of the Storm
by Kirsten Beyer (May 2011)
Year: Jun 2381 Jul 2381 - Goodreads Rating: 4.04 (961)
In its current mission to the Delta Quadrant, Captain Chakotay must unravel why three Federation starships have suddenly been targeted without provocation by the powerful Children of the Storm ... with thousands of Starfleet lives at stake from an enemy that the Federation can only begin to comprehend.
Jun 2381 Jul 2381
4.04 (961)
Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide
by Kirsten Beyer (Aug 2012)
Year: Aug 2381 Sep 2381 - Goodreads Rating: 4.13 (945)
The Voyager fleet continues its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, investigating the current status of sectors formerly controlled by the Borg. Fleet Commander Afsarah Eden begins to experience “awakenings” as she encounters artifacts and places that make her feel connected to her long-lost home.
Aug 2381 Sep 2381
4.13 (945)
Star Trek: Voyager: Protectors
by Kirsten Beyer (Jan 2014)
Year: Sep 2381 Jan 2382 - Goodreads Rating: 4.06 (750)
Captain Chakotay is determined to prove to Starfleet Command that the fleet’s ongoing mission in the Delta Quadrant is vital to Federation interests, and the key to doing so may lie in a distress call Voyager received nine years earlier but could not investigate.
Sep 2381 Jan 2382
4.06 (750)
Star Trek: Voyager: Acts of Contrition
by Kirsten Beyer (Oct 2014)
Year: Jan 2382 Feb 2382 - Goodreads Rating: 4.08 (636)
Admiral Janeway has now taken command of the Full Circle Fleet. Her first mission: return to the Delta Quadrant and open diplomatic relations with the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant, a civilization whose power rivals that of the Federation.
Jan 2382 Feb 2382
4.08 (636)
Star Trek: Voyager: Atonement
by Kirsten Beyer (Aug 2015)
Year: Mar 2382 May 2382 - Goodreads Rating: 4.14 (546)
Admiral Janeway faces a tribunal determined to execute her for supposed crimes committed during Voyager’s maiden trek through the Delta Quadrant. Captain Chakotay knows that the Kinara, several species now allied against the Full Circle fleet, are not all they appear to be.
Mar 2382 May 2382
4.14 (546)
Star Trek: Voyager: A Pocket Full of Lies
by Kirsten Beyer (Jan 2016)
Year: Jun 2382 Jul 2382 - Goodreads Rating: 4.24 (478)
The Full Circle Fleet has resumed its unprecedented explorations of the Delta Quadrant and former Borg space. First contact is made with the Nihydron, humanoid aliens that are collectors of history, but when an exchange of data is proposed, the Nihydron representatives are visibly shaken when Admiral Kathryn Janeway greets them.
Jun 2382 Jul 2382
4.24 (478)
Star Trek: Voyager: Architects of Infinity
by Kirsten Beyer (Mar 2018)
Year: Aug 2382 - Goodreads Rating: 4.20 (265)
Admiral Janeway orders the Fill Circle Fleet to focus its attention on a unique planet where a new element has been discovered, but she soon realizes that the secrets buried on this world may be part of a much larger puzzle - one that points to the existence of a species whose power to reshape the galaxy might dwarf that of the Krenim.
Aug 2382
4.20 (265)
Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming
by Christie Golden (Jun 2003)
Year: Dec 2377 Feb 2378 - Goodreads Rating: 3.90 (1,871)
After seven years trapped in the Delta Quadrant, Admiral Kathryn Janeway and the crew of Voyager miraculously find their way home, where they find new opportunities, adventures, and reunions with loved ones, until a mysterious cybernetic plague strikes Earth, transforming humans into a new generation of Borg.
Dec 2377 Feb 2378
3.90 (1,871)
Star Trek: Voyager: The Farther Shore
by Christie Golden (Jul 2003)
Year: Mar 2378 - Goodreads Rating: 3.85 (1,512)
With a devastating Borg plague threatening to ravage Earth, Kathryn Janeway and her crew find themselves under suspicion of having unknowingly transported the infection back with them and join forces with the crew of the Enterprise to uncover the source of contagion and prevent the Bog assimilation of Earth.
Mar 2378
3.85 (1,512)
Star Trek: Voyager: Mosaic
by Jeri Taylor (Oct 1996)
Year: 2372 - Goodreads Rating: 3.88 (1,159)
Forced to choose between the lives of the Away Team and the safety of her ship, Captain Janeway reviews the most important moments of her life, and the pivotal choices that made her the woman she is today. From her childhood to her time at Starfleet Academy.
3.88 (1,159)
Star Trek: Voyager #1: Caretaker
by L.A. Graf (Feb 1995)Episode Novalization
Year: Apr 2371 - Goodreads Rating: 3.66 (1,130)
Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the Starship Voyager are transported by alien technology to the other side of the galaxy. A being known as the Caretaker kidnaps two crew members and transports them to a people known as the Ocampa. Captain Janeway must rescue her crew members and solve the mystery which surrounds the Caretaker.
Apr 2371
3.66 (1,130)
Star Trek: Voyager: Pathways
by Jeri Taylor (Aug 1998)
Year: Dec 2374 - Goodreads Rating: 3.89 (928)
A deadly encounter with hostile aliens has left Captain Janeway's crew separated from the Voyager and slowly starving to death in a disease-ridden alien prison camp. To keep up their determination as they plot their escape, the crew shares with each other the unlikely paths that brought them all to the Voyager and the Delta Quadrant.
Dec 2374
3.89 (928)
Star Trek: Voyager #9: The Final Fury
by Dafydd ab Hugh (Aug 1996)
Year: Dec 2371 - Goodreads Rating: 3.67 (784)
Also: Invasion! #4
Far from the Federation's desperate war against the invading Furies, the crew of the USS Voyager encounters something they never expected to hear again: a Starfleet distress call. The signal leads them to the source of the terrible invasion threatening the entire Alpha Quadrant.
Dec 2371
3.67 (784)
Star Trek: Voyager: Old Wounds
by Christie Golden (Nov 2004)
Year: Jul 2378 - Goodreads Rating: 3.60 (737)
Also: Spirit Walk #1
Faced with skepticism over assignment as the new commanding officer of Voyager in light of his Maquis past, Chakotay accepts his first assignment to transport a group of displaced colonists back to their home planet of Loran II, but when they arrive, they discover a deserted settlement, a mysterious storm, and a dangerous threat from Chakotay's past.
Jul 2378
3.60 (737)
Star Trek: Voyager: Enemy of My Enemy
by Christie Golden (Dec 2004)
Year: Jul 2378 - Goodreads Rating: 3.65 (657)
Also: Spirit Walk #2
A Changeling assumes Chakotay's image and infiltrates Voyager, putting the entire crew at risk. Dr. Jarem Kaz and Lieutenant Harry Kim, increasingly suspicious of their captain's odd behavior, turn to Admiral Janeway and Lieutenant Commander Tom Paris for help.
Jul 2378
3.65 (657)
Section 31 #2: Shadow
Year: Dec 2375 - Goodreads Rating: 3.80 (620)
As the crew of Voyager races against time to safe millions of refugees from an approaching stellar catastrophe, Seven of Nine becomes the unwitting target of a series of potentially lethal "accidents," and Captain Janeway and her people find themselves in an unexpected battle to preserve their own lives from a ruthless enemy.
Dec 2375
3.80 (620)
Star Trek: Voyager #3: Ragnarok
by Nathan Archer (Jul 1995)
Year: 2371 - Goodreads Rating: 3.38 (595)
Detecting a signal that could lead them back home, Captain Janeway and the stranded members of the starship Voyager become enmeshed in the middle of a ages-year-old battle between two alien races.
3.38 (595)
Star Trek: Voyager #2: The Escape
Year: 2371 - Goodreads Rating: 3.52 (590)
Voyager is in desperate trouble, her systems damaged, her warp engines failing. Without immediate repairs the starship and her crew will be trapped forever between the stars. Captain Janeway must guide her ship to an ancient, deserted planet that could hold the key to their survival - a planet that is hiding more than one deadly secret.
3.52 (590)
String Theory #1: Cohesion
by Jeffrey Lang (Jul 2005)
Year: Dec 2374 - Goodreads Rating: 3.94 (534)
While continuing their odyssey through the Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway and the crew of the Voyager encounter a strange alien race that according to known physical laws should not exist. An expedition to the Monorhan homeworld hurtles the starship into a region beyond the fabric of space-time.
Dec 2374
3.94 (534)
Star Trek: Voyager #6: The Murdered Sun
by Christie Golden (Feb 1996)
Year: Nov 2371 - Goodreads Rating: 3.71 (497)
When sensors indicate a possible wormhole nearby, Captain Janeway is eager to investigate, hoping to find a shortcut back to Federation space. Instead, she discovers a star system being systematically pillaged by the warlike Akerians.
Nov 2371
3.71 (497)
Star Trek: Voyager #16: Seven of Nine
by Christie Golden (Sep 1998)
Year: 2375 - Goodreads Rating: 3.76 (476)
Once she was Annika Hansen, an innocent child assimilated by the fearsome, all-conquering Borg. Now she is Seven of Nine, a unique mixture of human biology and Borg technology.
3.76 (476)
Star Trek: The Original Series: No Time Like The Past
by Greg Cox (Feb 2014)
Year: 2270 - Goodreads Rating: 3.85 (466)
Seven of Nine is taking part in an archae­ological expedition on an obscure planetoid in the Delta Quadrant when a disastrous turn of events puts Voyager’s away team in jeopardy, and transports Seven across time and space to Yusub, where she comes face-to-face with Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
3.85 (466)
Star Trek: Voyager #16: Echoes
Year: 2373 - Goodreads Rating: 3.72 (468)
The USS Voyager finds itself in a system where a planet might have existed, but doesn't. Where the planet should have been, millions and then billions of people are appearing from nowhere and dying in the vacuum of space. To solve the mystery and save billions of lives, Janeway will have to face alternate versions of herself and the crew of Voyager.
3.72 (468)