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  Title Year Rating
Star Trek: Voyager #7: Ghost of a Chance
Year: 2372 - Goodreads Rating: 3.39 (372)
Badly damaged in a close encounter with a dwarf star, the Voyager discovers a planet being torn apart by tremendous volcanic stresses. The planet's primitive inhabitants will surely perish unless the Voyager intervenes, but the Prime Directive forbids them to act.
3.39 (372)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #21: Trial by Error
by Mark A. Garland (Nov 1997)
Year: 2372 - Goodreads Rating: 3.34 (158)
When Quark brokers a lucrative deal to trade trellium crystals from the Gamma Quadrant, the potential for profit seems too good to be true. Pretty soon, Deep Space Nine is under fire from at least three different alien races, each accusing the others of theft, piracy, and worse.
3.34 (158)