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Avatar #1

Avatar, Book 1

Release DateMay 2001

Avatar #1

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: The Next Generation

CaptainsJean-Luc Picard, Kira Nerys, Ezri Dax
StarshipsUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-E, USS Defiant, Deep Space Nine
April 2376
Rating3.95 (1,367 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated April 29, 2020
Rank#122 out of 651 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
In the uneasy ceasefire following the Dominion War, a surprise attack cripples Deep Space Nine, killing hundreds and threatening the peace of the galaxy, as Kira Nerys and her fellow survivors struggle to prevent all-out war and protect Captain Sisko's unborn child, and Captain Picard and his crew make a startling discovery that could forever alter the destiny of all concerned.
Avatar #1: Avatar, Book 1
April 17, 2376 (stardate 53292.7) Voyager S06 E08 - One Small Step
April 30, 2376 (stardate 53329) Voyager S06 E09 - The Voyager Conspiracy
2376 Voyager S06 E10 - Pathfinder
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April, 2376 Avatar, Book 1 (Avatar #1)
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April, 2376
to August, 2376
Rising Son (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
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