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Gateways #4

Demons of Air and Darkness

Release DateSeptember 2001

Gateways #4

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

CaptainsKira Nerys, Elias Vaughn
StarshipsUSS Defiant, Deep Space Nine
May 2376
Rating3.74 (611 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated April 29, 2020
Rank#300 out of 642 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
When a deadly force from the Delta Quadrant threatens to annihilate a world near Deep Space Nine, Kira Nerys and her crew battle to avert an planetary disaster, while Lieutenant Nog and Ensign Thirshar ch'Thane race against time to shut down the spatial portals forever, and Quark becomes embroiled in an interstellar conspiracy.
Gateways #4: Demons of Air and Darkness
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