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Typhon Pact #2

Seize the Fire

Release DateNovember 2010

Typhon Pact #2

Titan #7

CaptainWilliam T. Riker
StarshipUSS Titan
August 2382
Rating3.61 (1,020 ratings) on GoodreadsRating last updated May 3, 2020
Rank#441 out of 651 books (View All)Based on average Goodreads rating
With a menacing Typhon Pact fleet nipping at his heels, Riker must not only stop the Gorn warriors but also plumb the secrets of an ancient terraforming artifact. But of everyone serving aboard Titan, Tuvok may be the only one who understands how dangerous such planet-altering technology can be, even when used with the best of intentions.
Typhon Pact #2: Seize the Fire
April, 2382
to August, 2382
Zero Sum Game (Typhon Pact #1)
April, 2382
to August, 2383
Plagues of Night (Typhon Pact #6)
June, 2382
to July, 2382
A Pocket Full of Lies (Star Trek: Voyager)
August, 2382 Architects of Infinity (Star Trek: Voyager)
2382 To Lose the Earth (Star Trek: Voyager)
August, 2382 Seize the Fire (Typhon Pact #2)
October, 2382 Paths of Disharmony (Typhon Pact #4)
November, 2382 Fallen Gods (Titan #8)
November, 2382
to December, 2382
The Struggle Within (Typhon Pact #5)
2383 Indistinguishable From Magic (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
February, 2383 Forgotten History (Department of Temporal Investigations #2)